Today Macedonia marks 80 years since the start of the anti-fascist uprising and liberation war.

On October 11th, 1941, veterans of the First Prilep Partisan Detachment, attacked the Bulgarian police station and telephone-telegraph network in Prilep, which marked the beginning of the uprising of Macedonia against the Bulgarian, Italian and German occupiers for liberating the country. The next day, on October 12th, Partisan Detachment burst the first gun in Kumanovo.
11 october

11th of October is an extension of freedom traditions of the Macedonian nation permeated in Karposh, Razlog, Kresna and Ilinden Uprising and in the efforts for social and national liberation invested in the Balkan wars and the World War I.
With the decision to join the anti-fascist coalition, Macedonia took the side of progressive mankind, against fascism as the darkest ideology of contemporary history and strongest denial of civilization and democratic values.
Macedonians alone fought for their freedom. The first partisan who started the fight, the National Liberation Army of Macedonia, at the end of the four-year war has grown into a well-organized army, 110.000 army with military formations of the highest ranks as corps and divisions.
58,000 people were interned during the occupation of Macedonia and despite the atrocities that the invaders were doing on the innocent civilian population, the country suffered huge economic damage. The crown of the fight are decisions made on ASNOM in 1944, when ideals for establishing the Macedonian state became alive.