Sharplaninec is an indigenous breed shepherd dog, which comes from the mountain massifs of Shar Planina. Sharplaninec dog is a national dog of the country. Its name derives from the mountain Shar Planina. Šarplaninec breed was first registered and recognized by the World Federation Kennel in 1939 under the name of Illyrian shepherd.

Features of Sharplaninec:
Sharplaninec features high capacity and durability at low temperatures, geographical isolation, keeping the herd as well as dealing with wild animals (especially bears and wolves).

In Sharplaninec are allowed all colors, just not pure black, pure white and pure red color.

Proper sharplaninec must have a black face (black mask) and at least the area around his eyes should be black. The eyes should have a dark color with a circular shape. The ears should be attached to his head, the shape of the full head should be spherical (ball) and the dorsal line flat. The teeth should overlap (overlap of upper and lower jaw). The fibers in Sharplaninec must have a minimum length of 10 cm and tail should be a with length below the hock.

The height in females must be at least 58cm and minimum height in males should be 64cm

Weight in males should be from 35 kg to 45 kg, while in females the weight should be between 30 kg to 40 kg

Sharplaninec features a stable character, should not to be aggressive when their owner is near and in case when their owner is not in their presence, their task is not to allow anyone to get close to the place they keep.

Sharplaninec in our country is mostly used as a guardian of livestock, especially sheep. This dog does not allow animals which it protects to be attacked by wild animals. When going out, in the hierarchy they are positioned to guard livestock (sheep) and "the chief" is always positioned in a so-called outpost position to observe the herd all the time and to give signs in case of danger.
Pedigree of this dog says that the dog can and is capable to adapt to all conditions when spending enough time in the place where the dog will live.