Orthodox Christians in Macedonia celebrate the great religious holiday Assumption of Mary (Uspenie na presveta Bogorodica). 28th of August is non-working day for all Macedonians.

From most holidays dedicated to the Mother of God, this one is the most important. That's why people also call this holiday "Great Mother" (golema Bogorodica). Beautiful paintings from this Biblical event can be found in Macedonian churches and monasteries, which are commonly found over the main west door of the church. The word itself means dormition or sleep. In other words, it's not death that is being celebrated, but the ascension of the Virgin Mary in the heavenly dwellings. It is her sleep that is being celebrated. Immediately after her death she was taken to heaven in Christ embraces, taken up with the body and soul. Her tomb was found empty on the third day. She becomes the first and biggest representative of people before God.

According to church tradition, Mary ended her life quietly and peacefully without any illness and suffering, and after the death of her son Jesus Christ, she often prayed together with the apostles to God to take her soul and move to heaven. She experienced old age. During a prayer on Leon Athos, the holy Archangel Gabriel had called her and said that in three days she will be moved from the earthly to the heavenly life. She told the news to the holy Apostle John, who, in turn, cared for her till the rest of her life. Holy Apostle John published the news, which soon spread and all came at Our Lady to 'honor her while still alive. All this happened in the house of the Apostle John where Mary gave her soul to the Lord Jesus Christ. She was surrounded by many angels and archangels. Great noise and a great cloud appeared, and all the apostles arrived to honor her. Among them wasn't present only Apostle Thomas. He was away from the other apostles, because he preached Christianity. First Mary lied on the bed and then came the Lord Jesus Christ in full daylight, she got up and said: "My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in it." Immediately afterwards she again fell asleep.
When Our Lady appeared in her full glory and greatness to the people present in her tomb, then they believed she ascended from earth to heaven accompanied by angels and archangels, seraphims, cherubim and saints and that she made transition from the earthly to the heavenly kingdom, to eternal life.