This is one of my favorite salads during winter period, the best meze, it goes great as appetizer, before main lunch or with rakija. The previous recipe for winter salad is with boiling the jars. This one is without boiling, but it contains food preservative for preservation.

  • 3,5 kg. vegetables (mostly pickles, less carrots and cauliflower and the least green peppers and green tomatoes)
  • 1 kg cabbage
  • spices: laurel, parsley, celery, pepper grains or as desired
For liquid:
  • 400 ml white acid
  • 125 g salt
  • 150 g sugar
  • 1 bag food preservative (5 g) (E224)
  1. Nicely clean vegetables, wash and finely chop.
  2. Prepare liquid from all liquid ingredients, mix well so sugar and salt will dissolve
  3. Place vegetables in a larger pot, mix well and add mixed liquid.
  4. Mix well everything and let stand for 24 hours with occasional stirring.
  5. After 24 hours, add spices, stir and collect mixture in jars. Vegetables should be well pressed and poured on top with the liquid that left in the pot.
  6. Well closed jars are placed and kept in a dark and cool place.