Have you ever tried a homemade pasta? My grandma made it, then my mom made it and now it's my turn right? :) First, besides desire, you'll need a pasta maker (you can do it traditional way and roll out by hand and cut yourself, but I would not recommend that for your first time, or the second, or whenever). Homemade pasta has nothing to do with pasta you buy from the market, it's incomparable in taste and texture. It's the best!
When cooking fresh pasta make sure that you are cooking it in a large pan and plenty of water, it has a tendency to stick together so make sure you give it a gentle stir when you first put in the water.
What can you do with homemade pasta? You can use it instead of any other pasta, boil it and combine it with cheese, you can boil it first, then bake it combined with eggs and cheese, make lasagna, mlechnik and other various tasty dishes.
homemade pasta

  • 30 eggs
  • 3, 5 kg of flour
  • 300 ml of milk
  • handful of salt 
  • 200 ml oil

  1. Mix eggs, milk and salt with a wire for 5 minutes. 
  2. Place 3 kg flour in a larger bowl and gradually add the mixture to the eggs. If needed, add more flour to obtain a middle soft dough. 
  3. Easier to handle, the dough is divided into 2 parts. Knead well and allow to stand for half an hour. Cover with plastic wrap to avoid drying.
  4. Then, take a part of the dough, turn into a roll and cut in pieces with a thickness of 3-4 centimeters. Thin each piece with your palm and roll in flour.
  5. Pass each piece through the machine to get lanes as thin as possible, with a corresponding change of numbers on the machine. Repeat if necessary to obtain the right thinness.

  6. Line up each lane on a dryer and put sheet under because as lanes are drying they begin to fall. Leave overnight. 
  7. Collect pasta and leave to dry at room temperature for several days. Mix and break from time to time. Collect in suitable bags and get ready for preparing delicious meals, especially in winter.