Did you know that Macedonia has 3 larger natural lakes? Let's have a word about each one of them:

From this point at the peak Magaro on Galichica mountain, you can see both Ohrid Lake (left) and Prespa Lake (right) at the same time.

1. Lake Ohrid: One of Europe's oldest and deepest lakes, Lake Ohrid is shared between Macedonia and Albania. It is renowned for its clear waters, unique biodiversity, and significant cultural heritage. The lake and its surroundings are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

2. Lake Prespa: Divided among Macedonia, Greece, and Albania, Lake Prespa is another ancient lake. It consists of two connected bodies of water: Great Prespa Lake and Small Prespa Lake. This lake is a crucial habitat for various bird species and other wildlife.

3. Lake Dojran: Located on the border between Macedonia and Greece, Lake Dojran is the smallest of the three major lakes. It is known for its mild climate and rich fishing grounds, especially for its traditional fish farming methods.

Author of photography Gordana Adjieva Mihajlovska

These lakes are significant not only for their natural beauty but also for their ecological importance and the cultural and historical value they bring to the region.