A beautiful cake which I made for Easter, light structure, juicy, tasty and beautiful when cut. I also added 1 brown sponge layer to make it more colorful, you don't have to if you don't want to or don't have one. I always keep ready-made sponge cakes at home, if I don't use them all, I freeze the rest and after defrost, they don't change their taste at all.

For the biscuits:
  •     4 eggs
  •     1 cup sugar
  •     ¾ a cup of oil
  •     1 cup milk
  •     1 teaspoon baking soda
  •     2 1/3 cups flour
  •     2 sachets vanilla sugar
  •     a pinch of salt
For the filling:
  • 500 ml of whipping cream
  • 200 g of quality dark chocolate
  • 3 tablespoons cocoa cream
  • 1 sachet of whipping cream 
  • 100 g of crushed walnuts
For wetting the crusts:
  • 150 ml of boiling milk
  • 1 tablespoon instant chocolate powder
  • Chocolate topping or melted chocolate
  1.  Whisk the eggs with the sugar and vanilla sugar, add the milk and oil, and finally add the flour with the previously added baking soda and salt. Mix well with a wooden spoon and pour the mixture into the cake mold, lined with baking paper, and the sides greased.
  2. Bake for about half an hour in a preheated oven at 180 C degrees. Check with a toothpick if the biscuit is ready.
  3. After baking, leave to cool nicely, then remove from the mold, remove the baking paper and cut into 3 parts horizontally with a large knife or thread.
  4. For the filling, briefly heat the whipping cream with the chocolate and cocoa cream until they melt nicely. Mix until smooth. Allow to cool.
  5. Then mix with a mixer and add 1 sachet of whipping cream directly to the filling, if it goes too thick, add a little milk, the filling will increase the volume a lot. Add the ground walnuts. Mix.
  6. Prepare the topping for the crusts by heating the milk mixed with instant chocolate.
  7. Start arranging the cake in the following order, sponge cake, sprinkle milk, filling. Repeat  In the end, coat the whole cake with the remaining filling, and apply chocolate syrup or melted chocolate on top. Allow to cool well. Decorate as desired, I just added a little crushed walnuts.