In these hard times, times of world pandemic, for many of us it;s impossible to find a hand sanitizer in stores and pharmacies or if we find it, price has went 100%, 200% or even 300% higher than before. So, here I present you a method to make your own hand sanitizer. This method is approved by the World Health Organization.
  • 1000 ml ethanol 96%
  • 50 ml hydrogen peroxide 3%
  • 20 ml glycerol 98%
  • 130 ml distilled water
  • larger glass jar
  • liquid soap container(s)
  1. In a larger glass jar, first pour the ethanol, then add the hydrogen peroxide, then add the glycerol and finally add water. 
  2. Close jar with the lid and shake it well. 
  3. Then, you can distribute the sanitizer into empty soap container(s) with a pressing pump. You can freely use it several times a day as needed.