Roasting chicken this way was my first time and it was challenging, I admit. It's very easy and the final result with thrill you. The advantages are that you don't need much oil, the chicken is roasted equally on each side, you don't need to flip it, the skin won't glue to the pan etc. Try it and let me know if you loved it, and I know you would.

  • 1 whole chicken
  • 1 beer bottle or other thicker glass bottle
  • spices and a little oil

1.Wash the chicken, then wipe it and season it well outside and inside. Add spices that you usually use when you roast chicken,  I just put vegeta and a little spice for chicken.

2. Fill the bottle with water halfway and place it in the middle of the pan, add water into the pan because when the fat from the chicken runs, it ill fall into the water.
3. Put the chicken on the open bottle, the opening of the bottle should enter the chicken and the water that will evaporate during baking will make it very soft. On the inside it will cook and on the outside it will bake.
4. Lightly coat the chicken with oil and put to bake for about 1 hour or more at 220 C degrees. You will need to lower the grid to the bottom of the oven. Coat the top of the chicken with aluminum foil to keep it from burning.
5. During baking, rotate the baking pan to bake more evenly.

Optionally, while roasting the chicken, you add some potatoes in the pan around the bottle, just add oil and spices and just a little water in the pan.