The specialty comes from the Maleshevo region, at least I found some similar recipes for this kind of spiral shaped tiganici from there. The shape immediately conquered me and I had to try them. We have never made tiganici this way in Bitola region. From these quantities we get 2 quite large tiganici. We ate one with white cheese salty, one in a sweet variant - both were delicious.
  • 200 ml of carbonated water
  • a pinch of fresh yeast
  • a pinch of salt and sugar
  • 1 egg
    200 g flour
    1 tablespoon rakija
  1. All ingredients are mixed and a crepe density is obtained.
  2. Allow the mixture to rise for half an hour and then make the tiganici.
  3. First, a larger amount of oil is heated and, with the help of coffee pot, we pour the mixture into the heated oil in a spiral form starting from the center. 
  4. Fry on both sides over medium-high temperature.
  5. Ready tiganici are put on kitchet paper to to absorb excess fat.