The Orthodox Church today celebrates the dormition of St. Anna, the mother of virgin Mary and the main celebration dedicated to St.Ana is on 9th of September.

Today is a miracle holiday for all women, especially those who have small children or want to get married. Today, according to the custom, women should not do anything, and women with conception problems should go to a monastery to pray. Some stay there for up to three days.

It is customary for mothers with female children to go around the house and throw ash and millet to protect the house from evil spirits.

On this occasion, Christians from all over Macedonia visit the monastery complex dedicated to St. Anna in the village of Malovista, Bitola, which is the only village within the Pelister National Park.
St.Ana church in Malovishte
There is a belief that the monastery has a miraculous power to give birth. Couples who have problems with family formation should sleep in the premises of St. Anna's Church on the night of 6th-7th of August. And she will hear their prayers and will bless them with offsping.

The locals tell about many couples who did not have children, but after visiting the monastery they gave birth and grateful, they always come to the visit the monastery on this day.
There is also a healing water near the monastery that springs from the root of a beech tree.

Anna was a descendant of Levi's knee, the daughter of the priest Matan. After a long and godly life, she died in old age.