The 'ajvarka' pepper is one of the most famous and oldest Macedonian pepper varieties. It's name is 'Kurtovska kapija (Kurt gate)), but people call it 'ajvarka' because it's the best pepper we use to make ajvar.
Pepper is a one-year-old crop with upright and slightly branched stem. It is characterized by high growth. In botanical maturity, this pepper is intense red. The fruit of the pepper has a thick and large body. In technological maturity, the pepper is dark green in color. It belongs to the late varieties. Very tasty and native variety. 

What is so special about this pepper?
It is not a matter of size, but of pepper composition. The ajvarka pepper has a small percentage of water, a thin shell and it peels nicely. For ajvar it is irreplaceable, and it is excellent in dishes or raw.

 How to recognize real ajvarka pepper?
It is recognized first of all by a handle that is thin and has a slightly darker color that goes all the way up to a burgundy hue. The Kurt's Gate is most often heart-shaped and no larger than a woman's palm. Not every one is the same, of course, there are curves on three sides as well, but they are usually flat and heart-shaped.

When is the best season for this pepper?

It takes a little longer to mature. It is harvested when it is completely red, ripens in late August, and the best peppers are harvested three to four times at most. There are some later, but the best for ajvar is the one that ripens from September 10th to 25th. 

How is the Kurt's Gate grown, is it difficult to cultivate it? 

When you are constantly in the peppers, it is not difficult to grow. It needs regular watering every third day. And the sun. It is a gentle variety that doesn't tolerate much rain. "