A great recipe for the famous and favorite boiled bagels. I think this one will become my favorite recipe for homemade bagels. I made them for the first time in this variant and I'm thrilled. I'm eating one while I write the recipe. Don't be jealous :)

  • 400 g flour
  • 1/2 cube fresh yeast 20 g
  • about 100 ml  lukewarm milk
  • about 100 ml sparkling mineral water
  • 2 tablespoons edible oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon of sugar
  • 1 tbs honey
  • 1/2 liter of water (for boiling)
  • sesame seed (for dipping)

  1. Dissolve yeast in lukewarm milk and add sugar. You don't need to activate the yeast.
  2. Place the flour, previously dissolved yeast, salt and oild in a bowl.
  3. Mix everything well with adding mineral water as needed. If necessary, add more water.
  4. Knead medium soft dough. Leave the dough to rise for about half an hour on a warm place.
  5. Divide the dough into 7-8 balls.
  6. Stretch each ball with your hands.Wrap them in a form of a bagel.
  7. In the meantime, put 500 ml of water in a large pot and allow it to boil.
  8. Put one tbs of honey in the water. Boil the bagels for about a minute, and put them on a towel.
  9. Then immediately dip each in sesame seeds and align on a pan with baking paper. Bake at 180C degrees for about 30 minutes or while the bagels get a beautiful brown color.