One of the best things that Macedonian Radio Television had filmed are the famous Makedonski Narodni Prikazni which were a collection of screen versions of the famous Macedonian folk tales, many of them collected by Marko Cepenkov. These TV episodes were made by TV Skopje, later MTV (Macedonian Television) from the early 70’s until the 90’s.

So far, about 300 episodes have been made, all or most of them including the famous acting couple Gjorgji and Shenka Kolozova, then Goce Todorovski, Vladimir Angelovski, Lazar Barakov and others. My generation and many others have literally grown up watching these amazing stories and of course, learning their profound meanings.

Lately, a great effort has been made to renew the old Macedonian folk tales and many new episodes had been screened with newer more modern themes. But the new tales never made the same success as the old ones.

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