It is known that there is no real winter meal if there is no salad of homemade sour cabbage on the table, so it is a great addition to almost all winter specialties. Or winter without cabbage sarma? Not imaginable!  Sour cabbage is exactly the source of all good and nutrients needed for the organism in the winter months. It is mostly rich in vitamin C. Therefore, read one of the great number of recipes and varieties for preparing sauerkraut, my dad prepares sour cabbage this way for years, ever since I was a kid, so it is a recipe that is proven and so the sour cabbage is really delicious.

● Buy hard cabbages, leave them for a few days, and when choosing, try to find cabbage which during the season was sufficiently watered because in a dry season, unwatered cabbage is very hard.
 ● The first thing you need to do during the preparation is the removal of old and damaged outer sheets, and then with a sharp short knife remove the hard part root, but be careful not to remove it entirely because still a small part of it is needed for to keep the cabbage leaves together.

● In a separate bowl, mix sea salt and pepper in the grains, and with this mixture, fill the holes of the cabbages.
● Put all cabbages in a plasti larger barrel, and fill the barrel with water. Cover with plate or a flat rock so all cabbages are well dipped in the water. Close the lid well. Keep in a cold place.
● During the first few days, the water level should be controlled, which should always be above the cabbage heads. After a few days check how much the water is salty and if you find that salt is missing, add it. A sign that you put too little salt is blurred water.
● After forty days, sour cabbage is ready for use. The salt water in which the cabbage stood will remain clear during the whole winter, and many people attribute medicinal properties to the water, especially for the improvement of the digestive system. In addition, it is particularly useful for consumption after consuming large amounts of alcohol.
●What is especially important is that the cabbage should be removed with clean hands, and after removal, the container should immediately be sealed. The cabbage prepared in this way is not necessary to wash before use.