I remember eating boiled corn on the cob since I was a kid. We always ate them in the late summer and their smell brings back the memory of my childhood when after a day of spending a day in playing, we would run to the warm "kocani" as we call them. In late summer, you can see people with huge pots selling warm corn, freshly boiled. In my time, there was this old man who would sell warm corn on his bike. He would pushed his bicycle and shout: "Who wants a warm corn". I don't remember where he put all that cobs, but his corn was always tasty and warm.
Corn is also useful for health. In summer, the youngest and the oldest, reach for corn as per dessert. Enjoy the sweet taste either it's boiled or baked, as a snack and as an addition to many dishes. Some even freeze corn for winter.
This corn is super sweet, so they call it "sugar" or "shekerka" - Dutch seed. Although it's sweet, we put some salt on top and eat it that way. What to say, I don't know anyone who can resist warm corn in summer.

Some of us boil corn on cob at home.


  1. First you need to clean every cob from the leaves and silk. Keep some of the leaves, so you can use them to put boiled corn on a leaf and eat it that way.
  2. Bring to boil water in a larger pot and put cleaned cobs in the pot. Leave to boil on a low heat for 2-3 hours, depends on the corn.
  3. Leave to cool a bit and your corn on cob is ready to be eaten. Put 1 peace on a corn leaf, sprinkle some salt and enjoy the taste of freshly boiled corn on cob.