The feast of Christ's Ascension - Spasovden which belongs to the great Christian holidays, is celebrated 40 days after Easter and always falls on Thursday. Forty days after the resurrection, Jesus called his disciples and prepared them for their future activity. During this period, people still greet each other with the Christian salute "Christ has risen" and rejoice with "Truly He has risen".
Today, is Ascension - Spasovden. Names that celebrate this day are: Spase, Aspasija, Spaska etc.
Ascension Day, or the Feast of Christ's ascension to heaven is the fortieth day of the Resurrection. Lord appeared to his disciples every day during the 40 days after his resurrection, telling them about the kingdom of God.

And he commanded them not to leave Jerusalem, but to await the descent of the Holy Spirit, then he brought his disciples to Bethany, blessed them and ascended to heaven.

While disciples were looking at the cloud that hid their Lord in front of their eyes, the Angels announced that the same Jesus who was ascending to heaven, will come again in the same manner as they have seen him ascend. This holiday is called Ascension Day because in the day of Christ's ascension, his work of salvation was completed.