The chrono diet is becoming more and more popular and becomes a way of life like vegetarianism and veganism. This diet can help you a lot if you want to reduce your weight. Chrono diet is not a diet, so it is not settled in the list of diets. This diet is designed to change your attitude towards food from one side, but on the other hand helps very effectively in reducing the excess weight.

Chrono nutrition is based on that what you eat is not the most important, but it is important when you eat and how you combine your food. These are the three main principles of chrono diet:
  • beware of what you eat
  • beware at what time you eat
  • be careful how you combine foods
  1. The day doesn't begin with coffee! The coffee must not be drank before breakfast. If you're used to drink coffee before breakfast, be sure to replace it with hot tea or fresh lemonade. Coffee is allowed 2 times a day, one after breakfast and another after lunch. It's forbidden to add milk, sugar, cream and any other sweeteners and additives to coffee. 
  2. Breakfast is the most important meal, have breakfast before 9 am! 
  3. There need to have 5 hours between meals, which means that if breakfast is at 9 am, lunch should be at 14 and dinner at 19 o'clock. 
  4.  It is permitted to eat absolutely anything between meals. Importing foods in the body when it is not the right time causes the secretion of certain hormones. All this influences the accumulation of adipose tissue and fat. 
  5. Sugar is forbidden! All forms of sweeteners are banned: white, brown sugar, honey, fructose, etc.. In restrictive period it is not allowed entering any desserts, in the form of food, not even in the form of beverages (soft drinks and juices with sugar are also banned). 
  6. In restricted period the fruit is also prohibited because it contains sugar (fructose)!
  7. Milk and yogurt are also prohibited because they contain milk sugar - lactose! 
  8. Dairy products are permitted only for breakfast three times a week. You can eat: kefir, yogurt, sour cream and lean young cheeses. Old and hard cheeses are not allowed. Also golden rule is that you should never combine two types of dairy products in one meal! 
  9. Alcohol is forbidden! Alcohol contains a lot of unnecessary and empty calories. It is allowed only a glass of red wine occasionally! 
  10. White flour is not used! Permitted: corn flour, buckwheat, oats, barley and rye. 
  11. Bread and pasta from permitted flour can be only eaten for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are without pasta and without bread! 
  12. It is necessary to drink 2 liters of water daily. You can drink lemonade without sugar and herbal teas unlimited. Mineral water is allowed, but mostly two cups a day. Liquid in not entered half an hour before and half an hour after a meal!
  13. Meals can be prepared on lard and butter. Sunflower and other refined oils are banned! Margarine is also prohibited! Cold pressed oils are allowed, but they must not be exposed to high temperature and cook with them, so use them only in salad! 
  14. It is allowed to eat cereals from whole grain. 
  15. Meat products are permitted only for breakfast. It is best to eat some that are sure to be made of meat: homemade sausages, bacon, prosciutto etc. Be careful with these products, many of them contain a lot of preservatives and additives. Do not choose cheap options! 
  16. Eggs are allowed. You can eat whole egg for breakfast, but other meals only whites. The eggs are never mixed with dairy products! 
  17. The meat is permitted and desirable. It is best to consume it combined with fresh salad. You can't  combine two kinds of meat in one meal! 
  18. Starchy vegetables are prohibited! Avoid: beans, potatoes, peas, lentils and rice. Other vegetables are allowed. It is the best to eat vegetables fresh! 
  19. Vinegar is not used as a spice! Instead of vinegar, season salad with freshly squeezed lemon juice! Vegeta and such similar spice blends that contain hidden sugar are also forbidden! All other spices are allowed!
  20. The amount of food you eat per meal is not limited, eat to be satiated until the next meal. You should not skip meals, nor should drastically decrease them. You mustn't be hungry between meals because it can make you reach for some snacks and sweets.
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