Today is a great day for all Orthodox Christians. Today we celebrate Christmas, which is considered one of the greatest Christian holidays, because on this day is celebrated the birth of the Savior Jesus Christ. How important is this day for humanity is seen in that this day is taken as a key date, the cornerstone for computing of time, so we have the old and the new era, meaning time before and after the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas is hailed with the words "Christ is born", to which is replied "Trully he is born." Happy name day of Hristo, Hristina, Bozin, Bozhana, Risto, Ristan, Cristina, Krsta ...

orthodox christmas

This holiday is also called the mother of many holidays because if we had not this holiday, meaning, if Jesus Christ wasn't born, there wouldn't happen his baptism, would not existed the Epiphany, nor Crucifixion and Resurrection, Ascension - Veligden, Pentecost, Transfiguration etc.

Today, Macedonian people with a lot of attention celebrate Christmas, the day of Christ's birth. Christmas is a day of the family, dedicated to close ones and it is the most joyful Christian holiday. On this day, Christians go to the church, light candles and give great respect to Christ and his work. A solemn liturgy is held in temples in the early morning.
As Christ was born in a cave near Bethlehem, warmed and illuminated by his parents, it is preferable to create that atmosphere in the home of every believer. With full table of delicious food and the obligatory presence of lamb and red wine, relatives show mutual love and faith, and love and trust to God's son Jesus Christ.

Today, forty days of fasting end.

Gospel texts testify that the Roman Emperor Augustus issued an order to conduct a census of people in whole empire. Each had to be registered in the city of their grandfathers. Palestine was then part of the Roman Empire which is why the righteous Joseph and the Virgin Mary of Nazareth went to Bethlehem to enroll in this city, because both were of David's genus.

When they arrived in Bethlehem, there was no room in the inns and houses for them, because the town had many people come for the census. Some good people wanting to help, headed them in a cave near the city where shepherds sheltered their flocks in storms. Bright light filled the cave and surrounding hills in the night, then the Virgin Mary gave birth to her firstborn son, wrapped him and put him in a manger. Bright light has frightened shepherds with their flocks which slept in the open on the surrounding hills, but immediately the angel of the Lord comforted them by calling them the good news:

"Do not be afraid! Here, I'm telling you a great joy which will be to all people: because today is born in the city of David a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord."

Pastors immediately rushed to the cave where they found Mary and Joseph, with God-child, made a bow, and then spread the news of the birth of the Savior.

Immediately after that, arrived and the three wise men from the East who were guided from the unusual bright star in the sky and led them to the cave before moving in front of them when they moved and stood in place where they rested.

The birth of Jesus Christ was not known in the first three centuries, and this holiday wasn't celebrated then. The reason for this is the Christian view of life in times of slave society. At the request when to celebrate this day, the Holy Christian Church decided to take the date when in the pre-Christian era was celebrated the day of the new Sun which was on December 25th in the Gregorian or January 7th in the Julian calendar.