Today Macedonians celebrate Uspenie na Sveta Ana (Dormition of St. Anne), the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary. For this occasion, Christians from all over Macedonia visit the monastery complex dedicated to St. Anne in the village Malovishta, Bitola, which is unique village within the National Park Pelister. The village is about 20 km away from Bitola.

Church of St.Ana
 The monastery complex is located at 1400 meters above sea level, about 2 km away from the village Malovishta in dense beech forest. The complex can host many visitors in its mansions, to "honor" them with fresh mountain air and cold and fresh mountain water from many sources. It is believed that church dates from the XVIII century.
Monastery complex is visited by many people
There is a belief related to the monastery of St. Anna saying that the monastery has a mysterious power to give offspring. Couples who have problems with the formation of the family, 6 vs. 7 August need to sleep at the church of St. Anne. And the legend says she'll hear and fulfill their prayers and will soothe and delight their souls...
Village Malovishta
You can find healing water near the monastery that comes from the root of a beech and it's been there forever.
Visit the monastery complex of St. Anne in Malovishta and feel the peace that will prevail in your souls.
Inside of the church