Today, Orthodox Christians celebrate the memory of St.Naum - the Miracle Worker. St. Naum was the closest collaborator of St. Clement, the first Slavic bishop. St. Naum - the Miracle Worker was a medieval scholar, writer, teacher and one of the founders of Slavic and Macedonian literacy and education. He was born in the first half of the IX century.

Naum was one of the founders of the Preslav Literary School and he was a teacher there from 886 to 893 . He was a gifted student of Cyril and Methodius, and as such, when in 893 his brother Clement was appointed bishop in the United Slavic, his teaching position in Kutmichevitza was appointed to Naum. He participated as a teacher and then as a priest in the work of education of the Slavs with gospel truth. Ten years before his death he founded the monastery dedicated to the Holy Archangels on the lake. This monastery is today St. Naum. Sveti Naum died about 910, December 23 (in the Julian calendar). Given that day falls in the post period, Ohrid Archbishopric puts his holiday during the summer, on this day as a celebration of his memory.