Pelister National Park is a national park in the Municipality of Bitola, Republic of Macedonia. The park is located in the Baba Mountain massif and covers an area of 171.5 square kilometres (66.2 sq mi). The altitude of the park varies between 927 and 2,601 m (3,041 and 8,533 ft) above sea level and is filled with exquisite flora and fauna.
Pelister's beauties include alpine areas, molika (Macedonian endemic pine) forests, clear waters, rich flora and fauna, attract numerous tourists and visitors, but, among other things, it's special because of both glacial lakes Big and Small, also called Pelister's Eyes.
Big lake
They are especially attractive in the summer months when "wrapped" in colored areas, they represent cozy corners for rest and refreshment. As such, they belong among the characteristic natural beauties of our country, interesting not only for climbers and nature lovers, but also for other people interested in mountain beauties, because lakes can be reached by only two or three hours of hiking.

Big Lake is located at an altitude of 2.218 meters, it's long 233 meters and 162 meters wide, and deep about 15 meters, and the Small lake is situated 2 km northwest from the Big lake, on altitude of 2180 meters, long 79 and wide 68 meters and about 3 meters deep.

Righ next to the Big Lake is a mountain lodge with a capacity of 50 beds, managed by the Mountaineering Society "Pelister" which is mostly open on weekends during summer, while small lake is located almost directly below the peak (2.601 m.), where the antenna pole from the Macedonian National Television (MTV) is located and from where Prespa Lake can be seen.
Small lake

Climbing to Big Lake starts right from the village Nize Pole, where there is a summer-winter ski resort "Pelister" and climbing to the Small lake goes through a marked trail, an hour away from Big lake or you can go directly to it from Nize Pole following in Red River.  Clarity in the water in the two lakes, which freeze in winter because they are not flowing lakes, beautiful landscapes around them and overall atmosphere there, contribute not only to mass attending, but they are sung in many songs and verses.

Big lake in winter