I've been searching  for the perfect recipe for kozinjak for years. I have tried many recipes, but this one I can say that is the perfect one.

  •      20 g fresh yeast (half cube)
  •      50 ml milk
  •      50 ml yogurt
  •      50 ml oil
  •      50 g butter
  •      5 tbs sugar
  •      1 vanilla
  •      about 500 g flour
  •      2 eggs (1 for coating)
  1. Heat milk with yeast, sugar and a little flour to become lukewarm, not warm. Leave to foam.  
  2. Mix yogurt with egg.  
  3. Pour flour in a plastic bowl, add the yogurt with the egg, yeast, vanilla and oil and knead a soft dough. 
  4. Once  dough is nicely kneaded, follows a tip for kozinjak to be rich in laces. Melt butter and let cool. Add a little to the dough while kneading, then put some on the hands, knead again and so on until all butter is spent. 
  5. Allow the dough to rest for approximately 1-2 hours, it's the best if temperature is around 25-30 degrees and dough is covered to keep it warm.
  6. Put dough gently on an oiled desk and divide into 3 parts from which you'll form braid. Put braid into oiled mold, wrap in a bag and put in the oven for about 30 minutes at 25-30 C degrees. Once arrived, braid is coated with beaten egg with a little milk and sprinkled with crystalline sugar or sesame seeds.
  7. Bake at 180 degrees. Once you get a nice color, cover with aluminum foil and return to oven. Total baking time should be around 40 minutes. 
  8. Coat baked kozinjak with butter and cover with kitchen towel. 
  9. Try it, I guarantee you'll love it. This is the recipe that you were searching for a long time.