Pelister is a part of the mountain massive Baba, in southwest Macedonia.
Because of rarities that can be found there, it's been declared a national park in 1948: molika forests - a relic of the tertiary flora, granite stones and their morphological relief, especially glacial relief in the alpine part of the mountain.

Molika is a five-needled pine that grows only on a few parts of the Balkan Peninsula. Endemic Pelister Crocusses can be also found on Pelister. Beauty of the area is complemented with wild animals: bear, wolf, chamois, deer, wild boar, rabbit, several species of eagles, deer, partridges, redbeak jackdaws and endemic Macedonian Pelagonia trout.
Molika pine trees

Special beauty of the park is given by mountain lakes: Big Lake (at an altitude of 2218 meters) and the Small Lake (2280 m).
Big lake
High in the sky there are sheer peaks Pelister (2601 m), Veternica (Windmill) (2420), Muza (Muse) (2351 m), R'zana (Wheat) (2334 m) and (Griva) Mane (2198m). National Park is characterized by many natural phenomena of unusual structural features, specific geological structure, unusual mountain vegetation, favorable hydro-graphic conditions and specific climatic conditions that contribute to the completion of the national wealth. The park covers an area of ​​1500 ha, at an altitude of 700 to 2601 meters.
 Tourists are especially interested in the tourist - recreational area which spaces belong to the 2nd category of natural values ​​of outstanding natural features and amenities, which can be used for holidays and recreation. This includes the area - Golema Livada (Great Meadow) and the area Nizopole (Lower Field). Most important jewel of the park are two lakes so called "Pelister's Eyes": Big lake and Small lake make Pelister more glorious and more appealing for visiting.