French fries is incredibly fatty, salty and calorie dish that should definitely be avoided. 100 g of French fries contain about 280 calories which is about 1/7 of the daily requirement for food.
Keen to avoid the trap with the consumption of large amounts fried potatoes, we often want to add an attachment for lunch which in turn will ultimately prove to be worse choice than fried potatoes themselves. Find out what to avoid.

Salad with dressing

If you think to replace fried potatoes with salad at a fast food restaurant, you can be unpleasantly surprised. Salad is usually served with salad dressings hat are industrially made, full of saturated fatty acids and salt, which in combination with a reduced calorie cucumber, fresh pepper or tomato make a real calorie bomb. Consider that just one tablespoon of mayonnaise has about 60 calories.
If you want to eat really healthy, season it with salad dressing that you have prepared yourself, and in which you know the amount of natural foods that you added as olive oil, lemon, salt, rosemary, garlic...


If you think the meal will start with soup and it will reduce the need for food in the meal, good for you! Soup is a great way to enter the valuable vitamins and minerals and would make an excellent diet trick, but only if you have prepared it yourself.
Soups in bags or in can contain 50 calories per cup and are loaded with salt and additives, which can increase blood pressure and put you at risk of getting diabetes and diseases of the blood system. Instead choose homemade vegetable soup that will deprive you 20 minutes to prepare.

Fried onion rings

This American specialty that also became famous in our food culture, applies as a better alternative to fries. Think about this better. First rings of onions are put in breading mixture, then fried in a bowl with oil in the same way as french fries and have approximately the same calorific value.
If you want a healthier option, then eat onions pure with no additives. You can combine them with vinegar, Vegeta and a little oil.

Pasta with melted cheese

This contradicts the popular belief that pasta will not gain weight. Fatty accessories are guilty for collecting unnecessary kilos . If instead of fried potato you choose pasta with cheese, prepare for another calorie bomb. In an average slice of whole cheese for grating are more than 400 calories, and when you add on that other foods that go into this classic, as sour cream, cream, ketchup or mayonnaise, then clearly you've not chosen a "healthy" meal.
Cook pasta mixed with fresh cheese, olive oil and tomatoes cooked home to get "easier" and diet lunch.


Enjoy golden-brown croquettes? Croquettes are actually potatoes stuffed with cheese, ham and even milk and fried in oil.
If you decide that you can't do it without potatoes, then use boiled potatoes seasoned with a little salt and Vegeta and olive oil. Variant which has three times fewer calories than fried potatoes.