Tasty snack full of vitamins for the whole family. Your children will love it!


  • bananas 
  • chocolate
  • colorful crumbs, ground biscuits, crushed walnuts or hazelnuts (ingredients of your choice which you'll use for decorating)
  • wooden sticks for ice cream


  1. Peel  bananas and cut in half. Put banana halves on wooden sticks, and then place them on a plate lined with baking paper and let them freeze in the freezer.
  2. Break chocolate into pieces and melt it over low heat. Then leave it aside to cool. While melted chocolate cools, get the ingredients for decorating. You can choose crushed walnuts or hazelnuts, ground biscuits, colorful crumbs etc. It's your choice, just use your creativity.
  3. Remove bananas from freezer and dip them in melted chocolate, then roll them in crumbs for decorating.
  4. Then place decorated bananas in the freezer to freeze again. Serve as a dessert or snack.