Turkish coffee is definitely one of the most favorite coffees here. Warm, strong and tasty with the smell that permeates and fills the entire space. Perfect for awakening or for greater concentration.

Unlike the instant coffees that always need correct ratio and use the same way of preparation, and therefore they have the same taste every time you're drinking one, Turkish coffee is more specific.
It's rich in minerals, as mangan and magnesium and in vitamin B3.

There are some universal rules to follow if you want to have a perfectly prepared Turkish coffee. The biggest enemies of the coffee beans are moisture and air. Once the coffee is exposed to these factors, the aromatic coffee oil spreads rapidly and disappears. Coffee is best to keep it in a dark and cold place. If you don't spend it within 10 days, then put in the refrigerator.

Preparing this coffee in no big mystery, the basic procedure is always the same - put grind coffee and sugar in the coffee pot, pour in water and bring to boil. Coffee pot must be clean, use fresh, cold water.

A coffee pot is always hiding some strange mystique and romance. Perhaps the biggest secret of delicious Turkish coffee is exactly the coffee pot. It is important for the coffee pot to be made of copper, but regular coffee pot will do good.

This is the recipe for a perfect Turkish coffee:

Put 2 teaspoons of good grind coffee and 1 teaspoon sugar in a pot. I drink it without sugar and you can put more or less sugar than 1 tsp as desired. Pour 120 ml of water. It is important for the coffee pot to be not more than half full.
While you add water, stir well to melt the sugar. Once you boil coffee, wait for the coffee to rise two to three times so it will have the authentic taste and smell. Serve immediately.