The last time I eat strawberry preserve, I ate half a jar. I always say to myself while I'm putting strawberries in my mouth  "Ok, the last one, I'm closing the jar now“. And soon I see its bottom :) This is one of my favorite preserves beside figs preserve. You can use it for preparing cakes, sweets, you can combine it with bread and butter or eat it as I do - directly from the jar :)

This dosage is for 1 kg strawberries.

  • 1 kg strawberries
  • 1 kg sugar
  • juice from 1 lemon
  1. Clean strawberries and wash them nicely. Leave them for at least 3 hours to stay in water with  added lemon juice.
  2. Drain strawberries and place one row strawberries and 1 row sugar in a pot. Add another row and sugar until you finish all amount.
  3. Put to boil on strong temperature with constant shaking (don't stir), but no more than 30 minutes. Remove the foam on the top.
  4. When done, remove pot from fire and cover with a damp cloth napkin to stand over night.
  5. The next day, boil it again for 10 minutes and place preserve in prepared hot sterilized jars. Strawberries will remain intact and won't darken.
  6. Serve as desired.