Springs of Crni Drim
If the road ever takes you to Ohrid and to this place of eternal artistic and natural treasure, complete your trip with a walk at St. Naum. There, near the great monastery of St.Naum, are widely spread the abundant springs of the river Crni Drim.
Monastery of St.Naum
These water comes from the Prespa Lake through underground limestone channels at the foot of the mountain Galicica.
Sailing with a boat on the springs
These springs are consisted of 30 coastal and 15 underwater wells, with a total capacity of about 7.5 cubic meters per second. The springs are formed in a small pond with an area of ​​30 hectares and a depth of 3.5 meters. The temperature of the crystal clear water never exceeds 11 degrees, but the low temperature is no problem for the small water turtles, Ohrid trout nor for the swans, wild ducks and wild chickens. Pond in the course of its existence formed two small attractive islets. There is a belief that if you drop a coin in the sources of the bridge on the coast at St.Naum, your wish will be fulfilled.

The vegetation of the springs is very lush and diverse, it's blue-green from algae that give impressive scenery pleasing to the eye. The regeneration of weeds is constant and gives a sense of natural aquarium. There are three beautiful churches around the springs, Great Mother, St. Athanasius and St. Petka. They say that the water that springs under the church. of St. Petka has a healing power for eyes.

Church St.Bogorodica (Holy Mother)
Water from the springs flows into the Ohrid lake through small, fast river with a capacity of 10 liters per second, and flows out from Struga forming the Black Drim River (meaning "the black deer").
Crni Drim in Struga
My recommendation is to take a tour through the divine beauty of the springs and feel the primal relationship between man and untouched nature. Everyone should experience sailing by boat around the springs of Drim, to hear the silence and find the inner peace.