We live in a new age when it's hard to find naturally grown food. Macedonia, as all other countries, can not resist the industrialization process, but you can still find good vegetables and fruits from the farmers. Can you buy natural eggs in your country, eggs from chicken that lives freely outside and sees the sun every day? I love that about my Macedonia, that I can still buy eggs from a farmer. I can still buy milk from a farmer, not that white liquid from the market that only looks like a milk. I can still buy good tomatoes and cucumbers grown from good old seeds. So, let's enjoy it while we still can and while there's still no law that will forbidden these natural beautiful things about our food, and believe me, that time is coming.

This food is on my table.
First on the right side, you can see milk, I bought it from a farmer friend and I boiled it. Here in the pot it's still unboiled, after boiling, it gets beautiful thick yellow crust on top from all the fat in the milk. I buy it 50% cheaper than that from the market. Remember when we used to boil milk? Now you buy it sterilized and homogenized, meaning - there's nothing good left in that milk.
The eggs are also bought from a farmer, their yolks are so much more yellow than in those bought from the market. I buy them about 30% cheaper than the price of regular eggs from the market. The larger egg on the left is egg from a goose :)
The lettuce and spring onions are picked from our garden in Bukovo, non sprayed, pesticides free.
The beans are from my friend Suzan, from her village. Bread is bought from the market but it's baked on woods.