This is the most common breakfast for kids in Macedonia, and not only breakfast, but dinner too. Biscuits soaked in warm milk and with some Nesquik on top-delicious. This portion on the picture is for my husband, he also loves to eat milk and biscuits, except his bowl is with 15 or more biscuits :) I prefer giving my children milk and cereals instead of milk and biscuits, but they eat this several times a month.

The milk I specifically used here came directly from a cow, it was fresh, I just boiled it. Finding a raw milk is not an easy task, even for Macedonia where we still produce natural food, but unfortunately industrialization didn't pass us ether.

  • 150-200 ml milk 
  • 6-7 biscuits
  • cocoa for milk (optional)
*this is a portion for 5-6 year old kid

  1. Warm milk so you can drink it. Put biscuits in a bowl, crash them slightly and pour over the warm milk. Add cocoa on top. That's it!