Annunciation, also known as Blagovec is a Christian holiday. It is a holiday with a permanent date - it's always on April 7th or March 25th according to the old calendar. It's a holiday that celebrates the good news and the beauty of spring.

Some even consider it a great holiday like Easter, so it is called: "Annunciation, the first Easter."Names that celebrate this day are Blagoja, Blagojka, Blaze, Blagica etc. On this day, we usually go visit friends and relatives with some of those names.
Because Blagovec is consider a good day (blag den), then, it is believed that wounds does not hurt on this day, so small children are pierced in their ears for earrings today. With Annunciation is connected and the arrival of migratory birds, storks, swallows, cuckoos, hoopoes, nightingales and others. It is believed that they would come on this day, even if it snows.
It is believed that if you hear some of these birds in the morning on an empty stomach, they will break your luck and you won't have progress throughout the year. So people immediately after waking up, ate at least one piece of bread on this day.

Annunciation is Mary's holiday, it's dedicated to the Virgin Mary and it's connected with the life of the Mother of God. Some consider it as a double celebration: of the Lord and of Mary. Lord's, because on this day the Lord Jesus Christ was conceived and Mary's because Mary became the mother of God.
Annunciation is a feast of the Mother of God, and according to the old church tradition, it is a celebration of all mothers - Mother's Day.

The Annunciation is a day of the mothers, because Mother Mary is the patroness of all mothers who conceived and became mothers. It is the day of the mothers who gave new life. On this day, children thank their mothers, hug them and give them gifts as sign of love, respect and attention. Mothers, in turn, bless their children to have their own offspring and joys. On this day, give help to orphans and disabled people.
Today, kiss your mother!