Feast Palm also known as flowering Sunday or Cvetnici ("cvetnici" arrives from the word "cvet", meaning flower) is always one week before Easter and is celebrated to commemorate the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, when his followers and supporters threw flowers and willow branches on the road where he walked riding a donkey. Saturday before Palm Sunday is called Lazarus Saturday or Lazaritsa and is celebrated to commemorate the resurrection of Lazarus.
Names that celebrate Palm Sunday or Cvetnici are: Cvetan, Cvetko, Cvetanka, Ljiljana Kalina and all other names derived from plants.


Feast "Palm Sunday" is always celebrated on the Sunday before Easter because it is the day when we celebrate Christ's glorious entry into Jerusalem, the city where, after a few days, Christ would be crucified.
On this day, young brides and girls walk with baskets in their hands and go for a walk in rural meadows and pick flowers. They make colorful bunches of flowers as there are members in their family. They make and one more bunch for the home which they leave at the house icon after returning home.


Palm Sunday is the first day after the big post, where we can eat fish. Besides fish, however, the church dictates all the other dishes to be lean - a salad of fresh vegetables, potatoes, rice, beans, stew of old beans or vegetarian stuffed peppers. In honor of this day are eaten green leafy foods - nettles, sorrel, spinach, from which we can prepare wonderful soups and stews.
We should not put greasy dishes because Lent is still ongoing. Even if you prepare fish, try to make it not very oily, but dry and baked without oil. Fresh fruits and homemade pastries can be eaten for dessert, but without eggs or milk.