I still haven't met a person in Macedonia who doesn't drink rakija. OK, some women can't stand it, like my mom, but with some practice, that can be override.

Drinking rakija is not only a proof of manhood. Consumption of rakija can bring you several health benefits - of course, if you don't exaggerate!

Extends lifespan

Drinking excessive amounts of rakija or any other alcohol, will definitely shorten lifespan, but a moderate drinking can extend your life.Antioxidants contained in rakija help fighting against radicals which are a major cause of aging.

It releases stress

If you moderately drink rakija, it acts on the nervous system in a way so that you feel relaxed. Repeat yourself - if you drink moderate quantities, 1-2 small glasses a day.

Reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack

Great thing about rakija is that it prevents deposition of cholesterol in your cardiovascular system. And it reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Helps prevent colds

You probably know that rakija can serve as an excellent cough syrup. Alcohol also kills bacteria in the throat. The best effect will be achieved if you mix it with hot water and lemon.

Doesn't make you fat

This is an excellent argument - unlike soft and even some "natural" juices, rakija contains very few calories.