11,12,13 April - Grandma's days according to folk beliefs

Upcoming three days - 11, 12, 13 April (29, 30, 31 March - old style) among Macedonian people are known as Grandma's days, or simply Grandmothers. According to folk beliefs, the weather can be cold until these three days pass, and indeed, every year these days are characterized by unusually cold weather, accompanied by strong wind. This climatic phenomenon is a base for many stories in many parts of Macedonia. Mainly it is a story about a grandmother who, encouraged by the warm weather in late March, has offended March and went to the mountains to feed her animals. March has revenged to the grandmother so that it borrowed three days from April and frozen the grandmother in the mountains.

Below follows Struga version of the legend, reported in the writings of the Miladinovi brothers, published in 1861: