Dyeing eggs is a tradition in Macedonia for Easter. If you are a follower of tradition, you probably know that the first eggs are dyed in red on Thursday at sunrise. We dye only three eggs and the rest of the eggs are decorated on Saturday.

You can use your creativity and imagination to decorate your eggs for Easter or you can follow these creative tips and techniques to get the most perfect Easter eggs.

TECHNIQUE No.1 - Floral eggs with dried flowers

Gather dried flowers or leaves in interesting size. Dry them first by placing them in a closed book for several days. Take confectionery glue and tape them to the egg. Up to you is whether you want to add them on dyed or white egg.

TECHNIQUE No.2 - Cabbage for better color

You read well, if you put few leaves of red cabbage while dyeing, the color will be considerably more intense and more beautiful.

TECHNIQUE No.3 - Small art

All you need is a felt-tip pen / marker. Use white uncolored eggs, add creativity and draw beautiful patterns or faces on the surface.


TECHNIQUE No.4 - The fabric as an assistant

Wrap cooked eggs while still warm in a piece of old cotton fabric and using a spoon drop different colors on many spots. Now tighten the fabric to print the fabric pattern - you'll get a great effect.With one piece of fabric you can dye several eggs.

TECHNIQUE No.5 - Tempera paints for cheerful eggs

Sprinkle dried dyed eggs with tempera paint on a brush or just make dots.You'll get an excellent and cheerful effect.

TECHNIQUE No.6 - Silk for amazing eggs

Wrap a piece of silk around the egg and bring to boil. When cooked, remove from water, let it be dried and unwrap. The effect is phenomenal and it's a world hit.

TECHNIQUE No.7 - Glossy and glamorous glittery eggs

Paint boiled eggs with craft glue and roll in shallow bowls of glitter. Let the eggs dry for an hour.

TECHNIQUE No.8 - Nail Polish

Mix your favorite color of your nail polish in hot water. Real fantasy. Take the egg and spin in the colorful water. See what happens.

TECHNIQUE No.9 - Never enough of lace

Boil the eggs. Cut lace, wrap each egg in a piece of lace and put to dye. Don't unwrap lace immediately - let it dry and then remove it. Undoubtedly romantic effect.

TECHNIQUE No.10 Angry birds eggs

To get started, simply pull out your paint set and get to work on creating your favorite oh-so-crotchety characters. These are mine from last year. I used acrylic paint.