I'm not very fond of fruit preserves, they're just too sweet in my opinion, but green figs preserve? I just can't resist it and I always keep a jar or two in my fridge. It has this exotic and kinda oriental note which is magical! Close your eyes while consuming and feel the magic! 
I know it takes a little more time to prepare it, but it's definitely worth it.

  •     2 kg of green figs
  •     6 kg of sugar
  •     1 lemon
  •     1,5 l water for syrup
  1. First,  clean the spokes from figs, then make several holes with a fork on each fig. Place figs in a pot, pour water and place on a heated hotplate to boil. Pour out boiling water and pour new water and let boil again. Repeat this procedure 9 times. Leave figs to drain.

  2. Then start preparing syrup. Add water with sugar in another pot. When syrup begins to boil, add drained figs. Boil until desired consistency, or about 30-40 minutes. Finally add lemon circles. Cover the pan with a damp cloth and leave to stand for 12 hours. Then collect preserve in clean jars. 
  3. If there's a remained syrup, collect in a clean jar and use it in preparation of cakes or sweets.