This tea is my favorite tea which I often prepare for my family. I prepared some this morning and I got inspired to write something about the most famous Macedonian tea.

MOUNTAIN TEA - sideritis scardica, grows in higher areas on the Balkan peninsula. You can find it Macedonia in Mariovo, Ilinska mountain, Galicica, Shar planina. Mountain tea is a several year's medicinal plant with yellow flowers. The mountain tea grows in high places, rocky and dry areas. Flowers from June to September when it's also collected. This plant can be cultivated and remain the same quality. For tea is used the part which grows above ground. It has a specific nice smell and taste and it is one of the best teas for consumption.
mountain tea
Mountan tea from Ilinska Planina
COMPOSITION:The mountain tea contains ether oil, tannin, bitter substances, vitamins and minerals.

USAGE:Used against colds, flu, fever, high fever, inflammation of the respiratory system, bronchitis, inflammation of the intestines and stomach, anemia. The mountain tea is diuretic and improves the work of the kidneys, helps in removing the stone from the kidney.

PREPARATION: Put several twigs in boiled water. Leave for 10 minutes then drain.