Garlic, garlic and garlic only! I think I fall in trance or other state of mind when I eat this god given food! I've been searching for the perfect recipe for a long time. The thing is I sometimes want it rare and sometimes I want it thick. So there's no perfect recipe, it's how you feel at that very moment. Whatever its aggregate state is, I just love it. I like the way it lowers my blood  pressure to a state where I feel comfortably numb :) I have a tip for you, if you like makalo, find a partner who likes it as well :)
Let's start with this thick makalo.

  •  clove garlic
  •  vinegar
  •  butter (oil)
  •  salt
  1.  Take whole clove of garlic. Place in a blender with a little vinegar. Blend until you get a uniform mixture.
  2. Melt butter on the side, about 100 g. Add a little salt and blend constantly while you add the melted butter. For a cheaper alternative  add oil instead of butter. The secret is, drop by drop. Just as making mayonnaise to get one fine volume and density.
  3. Eat it with people who like garlic just as you do. Combine it with every food you can think of.