Zelnik, maznik, burek are the holy trinity of Macedonian pies. I really don't know which one is No.1. They all are! Which one is your favorite?


Zelnik is a traditional pastry which originates in the Balkan countries. Macedonian people love zelnik. It is made of 2 layers of kneaded dough and filled in between with combinations of minced meat, white cheese (sirene) and eggs, sorrel, leeks, pumpkin, spinach and cheese, sour cabbage and there's even a sweet version with apples and cinnamon. Zelnik is usually served with yogurt and its best eaten warm.


Maznik is a traditional Macedonian swirl pastry, made of thin kneaded dough, filled with white cheese, spinach, leeks or minced meat and then rolled in a swirl form. It's very popular, like zelnik or burek. Homemade maznik is the best, you can't buy that good maznik in a store. I have to admit, it's not an easy task to make maznik, especially if you're making it for the first time. That's why I'll show you step by step how to prepare maznik like a kneading master.


Burek — also known as börek, byrek, boureki  — is a filo pie made of thin, flaky dough and usually filled, quite often with a savory stuffing. In Macedonia, the most common burek fillings are minced meat, cheese and spinach or cheese only. It sounds so simple, yet the delicious result leaves no doubt as to why this dish remains incredibly popular, even hundreds of years after it was first made.