General characteristics and appearance of the ground

1. If the cup is filled with clear figures, it's either a dynamic person or a person who is currently in a turbulent phase of life.

2. If the cup is filled with small and fairly precise figures, it is an insightful and cunning person who knows exactly what he is doing. Every move is planned.

3. Near the handle also is read the past and the present of the family of the person you are reading.

4. In no case should you neglect the size of the symbols. Pay special attention to the big symbols.

5. If the ground in the cup is in a dark brown color and is opaque, it shows a self-confident personality.

6. If the ground is in a light-colored color and is translucent, the person is rather upset and dissatisfied. Psychologically speaking, by nature is a rather emotional and sensitive person.

7. You don't have to be disturbed if, at first glance, everything seems like a big mess. The skills of noticing the symbols come with time.

8. It is important to link the symbols to one another. In this way, you will arrive at a full explanation and a clear picture of what the cup has to say about the person you are reading.

Symbols commonly found in the ground together with their meaning from A to Z:

a light-brown person: a blond person
a nurse: a disease
anchor: at the top of the cup, romance, if it is at the bottom, a trip
angel: good news
apple: work success
arrow: bad news
ax: troubles in a short time
baby: small but serious worries
bagpipe: disappointment
balloon: short-term worries
bayonet: a little unfortune
bear: travel
bee: friendly success, good news
bell: unexpected news
binoculars: trouble for hiding a secret
bird: beautiful news
boat: a successful trip
book: work you will complete successfully
boots: pain relief
bouquet: happiness and pleasure
bridge: an obstacle to success
building: resettlement
butterfly: instability
camel: good news
cancer: an enemy
candle: help from others
car: great luck
castle: disappointment
chair: an unexpected guest
chariot: disappointment
cherry: happiness in work
claw: hidden enemy
clown: fun, new friends
comet: an unexpected visitor
crutches: help from a close friend
cup: reliability
devil: dissatisfaction
door: a rather unusual experience
dove: improvement through some kind of sacrifice
dragon: fulfillment of wishes
eagle: big change
eggs: progress, great success
elephant: success with a delay
engine: quick news
eye: dfficulties arise
face: change, fun
fish: good luck
fox: fake friends
frog: success through changing the place of residence
fruit: progress
gate: pleasure, the beginning of a happy future
giraffe: think about something before you say it
glove: great challenge
gondola: travel, romance
goose: finding a good solution to the problem
gramophone: pleasure
grasshopper: news from friends from abroad
gun: danger or news
hand: friendship
hat: trouble arrives
hoe: hard work brings success
horse: romance
iceberg: danger
initials: a person you know
insect: minor worries
kangaroo: peace and happiness
key: solving a problem
king: incredible strength, success
knife: relationship break, if at the bottom: trial
leopard: news from abroad
line: if it's straight and straightforward, progressing or traveling, if it's vague, disappointing
mask: fraud
medal: reward
monster: violence
moon: happiness in love
mountain: great ambition
mouse: damage
music notes: big luck
nails: injustice
net: a trap
ostrich: travel
package: surprise
paddle: little worries, someone will help you to overcome them
padlock: surprise
palm: success, glory
parachute: escape from trouble
parrot: a travel scandal
peacock: wealth, heritage
personality: if it's close to the handle - a visitor
pig: money success
pillar: advancement, success
pine: important winter event
player: disappointment
policeman: a secret enemy
postal sign: important are the symbols around it
pot: help from the friends
profile: new friends
pump: generosity
purse: earnings
rabbit: economical, caring
railroad: a long trip
rat: great damage
raven: bad news
reptile: disappointment from friends
ring: if it is at the bottom, marriage, if it is in the middle, job proposal
rose: popularity
sheep: good luck
shell: good news
skeleton: a waste of money
snake: an enemy
spider: opportunities
star: good health
stick: visitor
stone: difficulties
sun: happiness, strength
swan: smooth advancement
sword: disappointment
teapot: hanging out
telescope: adventure
tent: travel
tree: fulfillment of ambitions
triangle: something unexpected, if the top is up - success, reverse failure
violin: selfishness
volcano: emotions are out of control
waterfall: success
whale: work success
window: open, good luck with friends, if it's closed, disappointment with friends
woman: pleasure
wreath: great glory or success
zebra: overseas adventure