Speedy Gonzales or brzi Gonzales, is a dessert from my childhood, my mum used to prepare it a lot. And we ate it so fast, so I always thought that's how it's got that name :)
It's easy to make and very very tasty.


  •     3 eggs
  •     12 tbs sugar
  •     1 cup oil
  •     1 cup milk
  •     15 tbs flour
  •     1 tbs cocoa
  •     1 baking powder
  •     100 g of coconut powder
  •     15 tbs water
  •     15 tbs sugar
  •     3 tbs cocoa
  •     1 butter
  •     1 vanilla sugar
  1. Mix eggs and sugar. Gradually add the milk, butter, flour, cocoa and baking powder and coconut in the end. 
  2. Bake in pan no. 28 on 180 degrees about 20 minutes.
  3. Put all ingredients for the dressing in a pot on a moderate fire. Stir occasionally until everything melts. Don't let the dressing to boil. 
  4. When dough has cooled, cut into pieces (cubes) and then pour the dressing.

Good appetite!