If you get tired of coloring eggs, I suggest you to try decoupage.
If there are those who don't know, decoupage is a technique of decorating the object with colorful napkins or paper. People go so far as to cover their entire cabinets or seating sets with napkins. But about that another occasion.

I will show you how to use this technique to decorate eggs. I strongly suggest you to buy napkins with white background and smaller pictures.
You will need:
  •     1 egg white
  •     3 layer napkins
  •     Brush
  •     Scissors
  •     Boiled eggs


  1. So it is necessary to first boil the eggs and cool them down. Use white eggs.
  2. Spread three-layer napkin and you need only the first layer, the one with pictures.
  3. Cut each image you want to find on your egg. Make sure you get more accurate.
  4. Then apply the egg white using a brush to the place where you want to paste the picture.
  5. Put the napkin in this place. You can use tweezers.
  6. Using the brush, re-apply the egg white until the napkin is completely sealed.
  7. While still wet, try to touch it as little as possible so that you don't move or split the image.
  8. Put it aside to dry. Any irregularity you notice will disappear by drying.