Yesterday, on 12th of March 2017, died Vanja Lazarova, a synonym of the Macedonian folk song
 The velvet voice of one of the most talented Macedonian performers of folk music - Vanja Lazarova went silent. The 86-year old Vanja left the world, leaving behind a wealth of unforgettable musical interpretations that bring us tears.

She was born on 27th of April 1930 in the village Stracin, Kratovo. Vanja Lazarova tirelessly conquered the world with her divine voice. She had even performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London, and her voice have been honored by Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Macedonian folk and ethno music would never been what they are without the voice of Vanja Lazarova. She worked in the opera at the National Theatre and was a member of the "Ensemble".

She was also the first Macedonian singer who recorded sheets for record companies Philips and Poligram.
She had a special contribution in her cooperation with the Macedonian band "Anastasia" when creating the music for the film "Before the Rain" by Milcho Manchevski. Her vocal is particularly amenable to the ethno synthesis.
Macedonia is grateful for all the legacy she has left to us and to the world and we will always appreciate every song she sang with her hearht. We will always tremble while listening to her "So maki sum se rodila".

Rest in peace legend!