Today Orthodox Christians celebrate the day of St. Panteleimon.  St. Panteleimon was born in Nicomedia in the III century. After birth, he was named Panteleon, meaning "in everything like a lion", but later the name was changed to St. Panteleimon, which means "all-merciful."

Even since he was a child, he was raised in the Christian faith, because his mother was a Christian. But she passed away when Panteleimon was still a child, and his father was polytheist who took his son in the temple and in the pagan school. Going to school down the road, Panteleimon met old Christian pastor Hermolaus who later will baptize Panteleimon.

Holy Great Martyr Panteleimon belongs among the most famous healers that healed with the help of God. He suffered during Emperor Maximilian when the inspection made terrible persecution of Christians.

St. Panteleimon is invoked in prayers when consecrating water and oil along with St. Hermolaus and other Martyrs and miracle workers. The most beautiful church dedicated to this saint is located on Mount Athos.

Macedonia striking buildings dedicated to St. Panteleimon is St. Clement's Church in Plaosnik, then the churches in Gorno Nerezi, Skopje, Veles, monasteries in Kocani, Stip and other places.

The memory of St. Klement is also celebrated on Aug. 9th who died on this day 916. Also on this day is celebrated the memory of the Seven Saints.

Names that celebrate this day are: Pantelej, Pande, Pano, Panka, Panto, Pancho ..