Bukovska red paprika is one of the most famous Macedonian brands which is known not only in our region, but even far away. Local seed and the procedure for its production, distinguishes these paprika from other similar spices at which people from the village Bukovo are very proud. Bukovska paprika got its name from the place of origin - village Bukovo, near the city of Bitola.
Bukovska pepper is a spice that is often used in the Macedonian food. But it is not only a spice, it's a part of the tradition and identity of the residents of Bukovo.

Similar spice is produced throughout the country, but Bukovska paprika is only produced in the village. This paprika is special, say the manufacturers. Spice is produced from indigenous pepper seed and preparation process of this spice is traditionally passed down from generation to generation.
People from the village Bukovo, still produce spice in the old traditional way..

The production starts with sowing of seeds in sun-drenched soil where more heat can be provided. After germination, peppers are transplanted into previously prepared surfaces. The harvest of Bukovski peppers is from September to early October. Collected peppers are hung in arrays then left to dry. To dry properly, the peppers should be exposed to heat and wind, but no more that 2-3 hours at direct sunlight a day. Drying process lasts for a month, and then peppers are moved to a dry place. Then dried peppers are put in batches and then crushed in a wooden bowl. The crushed peppers are then ground on watermill stones, creating the mealy form of Bukovska red paprika. Paprika for direct consumption, bukovec, is produced with an extended process of crushing the dried peppers along with the seeds.